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Lao to set up new online football lottery

Fans of both football and gambling in Laos will be feeling even more excited about the upcoming 2014 World Cup in Brazil after the announcement of a new government-sanctioned online football lottery.

A statement by the Lao Development Lottery State Enterprise outlined the new online gambling site like M88 Vietnam, which it said would allow participants to legally place wagers on football matches taking place in leagues all over the world, as well as the upcoming World Cup later this year.

The announcement has been a historic one for Laos as it will mark the first time people have been legally allowed to gamble online in the country’s history. Although locals are thought to be able to access gambling sites, these are largely illegal and often run by organised crime syndicates. The creation of the new government-sanctioned online gambling site will allow betting fans to place wagers on games without having to resort to criminal methods.

While few details are known, it is thought that the new football lottery site will allow people to gamble both on single games as well as various group outcomes. In order to place bets and win money, people will also be required to set up online gambling accounts. The LDLSE have also reportedly opened 20 retail branches in Vientiane, although no plans to open any branches outside of the capital have been announced.

The news will be particularly welcome to Laotians fond of gambling after recent government announcements that previous plans to allow casinos in special economic zones have been overhauled. Originally intended to bring development and profit to certain zones, the casino concessions have been described as a source of more trouble than financial profit for the government and law enforcers after attracting the attention of organised crime rings. Relations with China were also affected when Chinese gamblers crossing the border to use one casino in Boten were held hostage after failing to pay back debts. China eventually requested for the casino to be closed down.

While Laos’ casino industry may have taken a blow, the online gambling industry will have received a massive boost from the latest government announcements. Legalising online betting on football matches is likely to be a very popular move and should go some way towards combatting the myriads of illegal online gambling sites reported to be rife in the country.

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